joi, 31 mai 2012

My Top Free MMORPG Games

Free MMORPG are free massive multiplayer online role-playing games in which players explore and interact in huge persistent virtual game worlds.  While most of the triple AAA mmos are subscription based in the last years developers moved to a free to play business model where the core content is free but with the option to buy additional content and equipment.

There many free mmorpgs out there but not all are of a good quality in terms of game mechanics, story, innovation and flow.  To help you in your quest to find a good free mmo, i will post my top free mmorpg list. I will start for now with a top 3.

1) World of Tanks

Released a few years back World of Tanks has invaded the free mmo market with a polished and fun product.  As tank commander players can compete alone or with clan against other players for territory, prestige and experience. There is a huge arsenal available composed of more than 200 vehicles from US, Germany, UK, France and other countries.

2) Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online - My top 3 free mmo
Developed by Turbine the creators of Asherons Call, Lord of the Rings Online is one of the best free fantasy mmo available.  Players can explore well known locations from the legendary fantasy world of Lord of Rings created by Tolkien. The game features an open world setting, huge landscapes, housing  and a rewarding achievement system. A must play for fantasy fans.

3) Age of Conan
A good mature free mmo with a dark art direction attached plus a great dynamic combat.  Explore a sexy,  savage and brutal world, alone or with friends. The combat is directional based which makes every encounter interesting and entertaining .

That's all for now, "moar" to come!

Have fun!